After 9 montparent-doctor-with-childhs of waiting in anticipation, your new baby finally enters the world. Of course, as a concerned parent, you want your child to receive the best healthcare possible as he or she grows and matures. What do you do if your baby gets a cough, or if he or she gets a rash? Where do you take your baby to get his or her immunizations? Finding a good doctor whom you can trust to care for your child is very important.


Franklin Primary Health Center’s Pediatric department offers everything your child needs from infancy to 18 years of age. Whether it is a case of the sniffles or influenza, Franklin’s pediatric staff will treat your child with a smile and the best quality care. Our staff can provide for all of your child’s immunization needs. Our Pediatric department can also do EPSDT’s for children going to school or physicals for children playing on sports teams. For over 3 decades, Franklin Primary Health Center has cared for the needs of children in our community.